[PATCH 1/10] memory-hotplug : check whether memory is offline or not when removing memory

KOSAKI Motohiro kosaki.motohiro at jp.fujitsu.com
Sat Oct 20 05:33:17 EST 2012

> I think it again, and found that this check is necessary. Because we only
> lock memory hotplug when offlining pages. Here is the steps to offline and
> remove memory:
> 1. lock memory hotplug
> 2. offline a memory section
> 3. unlock memory hotplug
> 4. repeat 1-3 to offline all memory sections
> 5. lock memory hotplug
> 6. remove memory
> 7. unlock memory hotplug
> All memory sections must be offlined before removing memory. But we don't
> hold
> the lock in the whole operation. So we should check whether all memory
> sections
> are offlined before step6.

You should describe the race scenario in the patch description. OK?

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