linux-next: manual merge of the kvm-ppc tree with the powerpc-merge tree

Alexander Graf agraf at
Fri Oct 12 00:08:01 EST 2012

On 11.10.2012, at 11:27, David Howells wrote:

> Stephen Rothwell <sfr at> wrote:
>> I just removed epapr_hcalls.h from the Kbuild file as I am not sure how
>> it should be broken up.  David, can you have a look at this, please?
> Files should be broken up along around __KERNEL__ conditionals.  If there are
> no __KERNEL__ conditionals, it is assumed that the file is entirely UAPI and
> can just be moved.
> The problem appears to be this commit:
> 	From: Liu Yu <yu.liu at>
> 	Subject: KVM: PPC: Add support for ePAPR idle hcall in host kernel
> Just makes epapr_hcalls.h part of the userspace API in its entirety by this bit
> of the patch:
> 	+header-y += epapr_hcalls.h
> whilst not adding any __KERNEL__ guards - which is almost certainly incorrect.
> At the very least, I would say that the global variable declarations need
> limiting to kernel space, and thus so do the inline functions as they emit
> inline assembly to jump somewhere specified by one of the global variables
> (actually a code array).
> So for manual splitting purposes, I would go with just moving all the #defines
> prior to the __ASSEMBLY__ guard out to uapi.  Everything within the
> __ASSEMBLY__ guard is KABI only by the looks of it.

Do I have to move them to their own header file or can I just #ifdef __KERNEL__ around the place where __ASSEMBLY__ starts to the end of the file?


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