powerpc: Don't silently handle machine checks from userspace

Martijn de Gouw martijn.de.gouw at prodrive.nl
Fri Nov 2 22:48:40 EST 2012


The following commit:


causes confusion, because it prints "Machine check in kernel mode" also when the bus error is actually in user space. When using RapidIO memory mapped access, and the device is removed or powered off, then a bus error is generated. This is on a freescale mpc8548 powerpc. Due to removing the user_mode check, the kernel calls "die" which causes the process to die with a BUS error, regardless of having a SIGBUS handler or not.

Therefore I request to put this check back, and even to put the removed code at the top of the machine check handler because there is no point in trying to recover from a user space bus error anyway.

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Martijn de Gouw
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