Gianfar TX problems

Rodolfo Giometti giometti at
Wed May 30 22:02:57 EST 2012


I'm working on a P1021MDS based board and I have a strange behaviour
regarding the TX packets from the gianfar driver (linux 3.0.4-rc5).

Rx is working correctly but Tx is not... in particular I noticed that
the buffer descriptors are correctly filled but the packets simply do
NOT exit form the TSEC (I looked at TSEC's tx counters)!

What is puzzling me is that sometimes both TX and RX work correctly
but most of the time only Rx is working! Again, testing the same
uImage on a Freescale P1021MDS devboard everything works well!

Maybe something related to DMA/RAM coherence?

Thanks in advance,



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