ppc/sata-fsl: orphan config value: CONFIG_MPC8315_DS

Anthony Foiani tkil at scrye.com
Fri May 18 03:08:18 EST 2012


I was occasionally running into problems at boot time on an
MPC8315-based board (derived from the MPC831xRDB, apparently), using
SATA to talk to an SSD.  My vendor suggested that I enable

That symbol is only found once in the entire kernel codebase:

  $ git checkout v3.4-rc7
  HEAD is now at 36be505... Linux 3.4-rc7

  $ git grep -nH CONFIG_MPC8315_DS
  drivers/ata/sata_fsl.c:729:#ifdef CONFIG_MPC8315_DS

There is no kconfig support for it at all.

It was added in 2007; further, this is the only commit in the entire
git history that contains this string:

   commit e7eac96e8f0e57a6e9f94943557bc2b23be31471
   Author: ashish kalra <ashish.kalra at freescale.com>
   Date:   Wed Oct 31 19:28:02 2007 +0800

       ata/sata_fsl: Move MPC8315DS link speed limit workaround to specific ifdef
       Signed-off-by: ashish kalra <ashish.kalra at freescale.com>
       Signed-off-by: Li Yang <leoli at freescale.com>
       Signed-off-by: Jeff Garzik <jeff at garzik.org>

   diff --git a/drivers/ata/sata_fsl.c b/drivers/ata/sata_fsl.c
   index 5892472..e076e1f 100644
   --- a/drivers/ata/sata_fsl.c
   +++ b/drivers/ata/sata_fsl.c
   @@ -652,6 +652,7 @@ static int sata_fsl_port_start(struct ata_port *ap)
           VPRINTK("HControl = 0x%x\n", ioread32(hcr_base + HCONTROL));
           VPRINTK("CHBA  = 0x%x\n", ioread32(hcr_base + CHBA));
   +#ifdef CONFIG_MPC8315_DS
            * Workaround for 8315DS board 3gbps link-up issue,
            * currently limit SATA port to GEN1 speed
   @@ -664,6 +665,7 @@ static int sata_fsl_port_start(struct ata_port *ap)
           sata_fsl_scr_read(ap, SCR_CONTROL, &temp);
           dev_printk(KERN_WARNING, dev, "scr_control, speed limited to %x\n",
           return 0;

This otherwise-unsupported variable was noted by Robert Day in 2008;
Adrian Bunk suggested a patch, but the Freescale folks said that it
was for a not-yet-mainlined board, so the patch was dropped:


As Robert notied again in 2010, it still wasn't mainlined:


And, obviously, it still isn't today.

Can the Freescale people tell us exactly what we should be testing to
determine when to enforce this restriction?  A config variable that
points to a non-existent board doesn't seem much help.


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