[PATCH] Bug fix in commit 178db7d3 triggered a bug in the SPI driver for MPC83XX (pdata is NULL).

Joakim Tjernlund joakim.tjernlund at transmode.se
Sat Mar 31 02:16:04 EST 2012

Kenth Eriksson <kenth.eriksson at transmode.com> wrote on 2012/03/30 17:05:30:
> After commit 178db7d3 devices are initialized as children of the bus master, not children of the bus masters parent device. The pdata pointer used in fsl_spi_chipselect must updated to reflect the changed initialization.
> Signed-off-by: Kenth Eriksson <kenth.eriksson at transmode.com>

Acked-by: Joakim Tjernlund <Joakim.Tjernlund at transmode.se>

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