kilauea compilation breaks with v3.3 kernel and ELDK 4.2

Wolfgang Denk wd at
Thu Mar 22 03:25:49 EST 2012

Dear Josh,

In message <CA+5PVA7+vPZmLBzkXOFwTM+kLMYHPDgVW4Jcm91XSxW=Ng-Y6g at> you wrote:
> > The problem is that for ppc-linux-gcc (GCC) 4.2.2 (which comes with the
> > ELDK 4.2) this assembly instruction is not known and the build breaks.
> Sigh.  GCC 4.2 is pretty old at this point.

But still rock-solid ...  We use it a lot, especially as reference for
more recent (and sometimes more broken) versions of GCC.

> All of the stuff in arch/powerpc/boot/ is built regardless of the
> configured board and stuffed into a wrapper.a archive.  Then the
> individual board targets are built and the necessary pieces are pulled
> from the wrapper.a file.

This appears to be a pretty inefficient approach.  Why don't we build
only the files we actually need?  That would save a bit of build time.

> > Please advise.
> If upgrading ELDK is an option for you, it will get you the quickest
> solution.  Otherwise we'll need to figure out how to stub out the
> instruction in boot/dcr.h and use the asm long trick.  Ew.  I can look
> at that next week.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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