kilauea compilation breaks with v3.3 kernel and ELDK 4.2

Robert Berger robert.karl.berger at
Wed Mar 21 23:10:59 EST 2012


Up to 3.2.x I was able to compile a mainline kernel for the kilauea
board, but...;a=commitdiff;h=075bcf5879225d0c2a119c23d8046b890e051e81

shows, that mfdcrx was introduced in the v3.3 kernel.

The problem is that for ppc-linux-gcc (GCC) 4.2.2 (which comes with the
ELDK 4.2) this assembly instruction is not known and the build breaks.

There are some obvious workarounds, like using a more recent toolchain
(e.g ELDK 5.x) or use make -k to keep on compiling even when there is an
error as much as possible;)

What puzzles me is that also stuff for boards is being compiled which is
not really needed like treeboot-currituck.c even when I configure the
kernel for a kilauea board.

Is this on purpose and if so why?

Please advise.


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