[RFC PATCH 13/17] PowerPC: booke64: Use SPRG0/3 scratch for bolted TLB miss & crit int

Scott Wood scottwood at freescale.com
Wed Jun 27 08:24:08 EST 2012

On 06/25/2012 07:26 AM, Mihai Caraman wrote:
> Embedded.Hypervisor category defines GSPRG0..3 physical registers for guests.
> Avoid SPRG4-7 usage as scratch in host exception handlers, otherwise guest
> SPRG4-7 registers will be clobbered.
> For bolted TLB miss exception handlers, which is the version currently
> supported by KVM, use SPRN_SPRG_GEN_SCRATCH (aka SPRG0) instead of
> SPRN_SPRG_TLB_SCRATCH (aka SPRG6) and replace TLB with GEN PACA slots to
> keep consitency.
> For critical exception handler use SPRG3 instead of SPRG7.

extlb is in the same cache line as other TLB stuff we need, while exgen
isn't.  Let's stick with extlb.


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