[PATCH] bluetooth: opcode field of sent commands is little endian.

David Laight David.Laight at ACULAB.COM
Mon Jun 25 19:20:25 EST 2012

> > > Fine with me, though FWIW that not only doesn't use
> > > __constant_cpu_to_le16() but actually swaps the non-constant value.
> > 
> > Don't see what point you are trying to make here. Swapping the value
> > from the actual command structure is always fine with me.
> The point is that the result of swapping a constant value is just
> another constant value, whereas the fix in mainline swaps a value from
> memory. Not a big deal.

Surely, but surely, the definition of cpu_to_le16() uses
gcc 'magic' to determine that the argument is a constant
and then automatically selects the 'constant' form.


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