[Doubt] PPC Linux Device Tree Update

Kay One kayone007 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 17:52:09 EST 2012

Hi All,

Currently I am working on p1020rdb soc for some kernel bringing up activity.
I have come across one requirement to update the memory map (MMAP) of
kernel from evaluation board to
some other board who is having the same soc.

for my eval board I have used the p1020rdb.dts file from 2.6.38 standard
kernel source. (PFA) which is working almost fine.
But, I am really not able to find the following mapping as a part of the
attached dts file what I am using.
Can anyone please point me out that dts file is the only one to search out
following base addresses selected in memory map or is there
some specific file of kernel inside which I will be able to search through
to find the following base addresses?

  FFFF_F000 4 KB .bootpg  FFE0_0000 1 MB CCSR  EC00_0000 64 MB Flash + alias
8000_0000 1 GB PCI[1:2] mem  FFC0_0000 256 KB PCI[1:2] I/O  FFB0_0000 1 MB
VTSS  FFA0_0000 1 MB CPLD  FF80_0000 1 MB NAND  0000_0000 1 GB DDR

So that I can update that address with the newly address given by the
vendor of new board on which I am
porting the ppc kernel.

Any help appreciated,
Karnik jain
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