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R.P. Burrasca rburrasca at
Tue Jun 5 23:27:44 EST 2012


Would it be possible to access the above referenced webpage in order to see
what's available as the Orinoco & Prism 2 Wireless Driver?


I have wireless internet access using Ubuntu 10.10 for powerpc on my G3
iBook 500 Mhz dual usb machine while I'm at home but I don't have any
scanning capability and can't tell when I'm near a hotspot or whether are
wireless networks around me when I'm somewhere else.  Unlike the case at
home, it doesn't automatically pickup and use the wireless signal coming
from some other hotspot.


I would very much like to use my iBook when I travel, but so far have been
unsuccessful in getting it to pickup a wireless signal anywhere other than
my home network.


Any access to the above site that you'd be willing to provide would be
greatly appreciated.


Thank you.




Ray Burrasca


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