[PATCH][SDK v1.2] sata: I/O load balancing

Liu Qiang-B32616 B32616 at freescale.com
Fri Jan 13 20:57:35 EST 2012

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH][SDK v1.2] sata: I/O load balancing

> On Fri, Jan 13, 2012 at 4:25 PM, Qiang Liu <qiang.liu at freescale.com> wrote:
> > From: Qiang Liu <b32616 at freescale.com>
> >
> > Reduce interrupt singnals through reset Interrupt Coalescing Control Reg.
> > Increase the threshold value of interrupt and timer will reduce the number
> > of complete interrupt sharply. Improve the system performance effectively.

> There is always a trade off of throughput and latency by using
> interrupt coalescing.  It's not reasonable to assume that the
> throughput is the only factor to be considered and set the coalescing
> threshold and timeout to the max value by default.  Have you carried
> out other benchmark like copying many small files?
No, I didn't test small file. I think this won't affect system load. I can have a test
and describe the result in next patch.

> It will be safer to make the coalescing runtime configurable like the
> sata_mv driver, IMO.
Ok, I will do it like this in next patch.

- Leo
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