OpenPIC warnings on P1022RDK AMP configuration

Arshad, Farrukh Farrukh_Arshad at
Wed Jan 11 18:08:20 EST 2012

>> Does each dtb have the correct CPU number, both from the command line boot cpu flag and in the CPU node?
Yes both CPUs have the correct CPU numbers and also both DTBs are build with their respective -b flag. 

>> Do both device trees have pic-no-reset in the mpic node?
Yes, both have pic-no-reset mode.

>> If neither of those are the issue, start dumping the relevant MPIC interrupt destination registers, and tracethe code where they're supposed to be set up.  Also make sure that no interrupts are  enabled when Linux receives control from U-Boot.

Yes, interrupts are disabled when Linux receives control from U-Boot.

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