Mac address in the DT

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Tue Jan 10 09:40:27 EST 2012

Dear smitha.vanga at,

In message <40631E9A2581F14BA60888C87A76A1FE01D360 at> you wrote:
> >Setenv set_mac 'cp 0xffec0000 0x100000 1024;fdt addr 0xc00000 8192;fdt set=
>  /soc8272 at f0000000/ethernet at 24000 mac-address "[00 44 00 55 00 66]";erase 0x=
> ffec0000 0xffec4000;cp 0xc00000 0xffec0000 1024;bootm 0xfe060000 - 0xffec000=
> 0'
> > run set_mac
> For the above command I want to replace the mac address with the ethaddr> How
> do I do that. I tried $ethaddr but I get extra : characters.

Why would you do that at all?  U-Boot will run fdt_fixup_ethernet()
for all (at least AFAICT) supported architectures, which will replace 
"mac-address" and "local-mac-address" for all "ethernet?" interfaces
in the device tree for which a corresponding "ethadd" / "eth?addr"
environment variable is set.

No additional actions are needed.

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