Cannot wake-up from standby with MPC8313

Norbert van Bolhuis nvbolhuis at
Thu Jan 5 03:19:04 EST 2012

after entering:

echo standby > /sys/power/state

I'm unable to wake up the MPC8313 (on our custom designed
MPC8313 board).

I need it to wake up through GPIO IRQ.
I cause multiple GPIO interrupts (all properly handled by an isr),
but the MPC8313 does not wake up.

How should one wake up via GPGIO IRQ ?

I'm using v2.6.29 and I wonder whether this is related to
our custom 8313 board and/or v2.6.29 and/or missing kernel
patches or maybe this never worked ?

Also, I do not understand line 220 of arch/powerpc/platforms/83xx/suspend.c

219         } else {
220                 out_be32(&pmc_regs->mask, PMCER_PMCI);
222                 mpc6xx_enter_standby();

How can wake up ever work if TSEC/GPIO/TIMER/etc.. wake up events
are disabled ?

changing this into "out_be32(&pmc_regs->mask, PMCER_PMCI|PMCER_GPIO);"
gives same result.

MPC8313 is in PCI HOST mode and here's a relevant part
of the DTS:

         pmc: power at b00 {
             compatible = "fsl,mpc8313-pmc", "fsl,mpc8349-pmc";
             reg = <0xb00 0x100 0xa00 0x100>;
             interrupts = <80 8>;
             interrupt-parent = <&ipic>;
             fsl,mpc8313-wakeup-timer = <&gtm1>;

             /* Remove this (or change to "okay") if you have
              * a REVA3 or later board, if you apply one of the
              * workarounds listed in section 8.5 of the board
              * manual, o if you are adapting this device treeSE=
              * to a different board.
             status = "okay";

         gtm1: timer at 500 {
             compatible = "fsl,mpc8313-gtm", "fsl,gtm";
             reg = <0x500 0x100>;
             interrupts = <90 8 78 8 84 8 72 8>;
             interrupt-parent = <&ipic>;

Any help/advice/answer is more than welcome.


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