Problem in getting shared memory access on P1022RDK

Arshad, Farrukh Farrukh_Arshad at
Wed Jan 4 17:49:45 EST 2012

How can I verify if the memory mapped is coherent on both cores. My memory partitioning is given below

Core		Base Address		Size
Core 0		0x0000,0000		0x1000,0000	--> CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START = bootm_low = Base Address
Core 1		0x1000,0000		0x0C00,0000	--> CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START = bootm_low = Base Address
Shared Mem	0x1C00,0000		0x0400,0000

Farrukh Arshad

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On 01/03/2012 03:42 AM, Arshad, Farrukh wrote:
> Adding more to it,
> When I write from Core 1 on the shared memory region it is visible at 
> Core 0 and it can read what I have written from Core 1 but when I 
> write from Core 0 on this shared memory it is not visible on Core 1.

Is the memory mapped coherent on both cores?


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