Adding 'of_platform' bus support to the platform driver

Scott Wood scottwood at
Fri Dec 21 04:53:41 EST 2012

On 12/20/2012 02:23:55 AM, R.Patil at wrote:
> Hello,
> We are working on one of the platform drivers for our board (based on  
> MPC8313ERDB). Previously, this driver was supporting platform bus but  
> now we want to change it to support 'of_platform' bus. While  
> supporting platform bus, the platform device structure is initialised  
> in board setup file, and platform device is registered using  
> 'platform_device_register_simple' call.
> Now if we want to support 'of_platform' bus, the information related  
> to the the device will be extracted from device tree in the platform  
> driver itself and we would not be required to call  
> 'platform_device_register_simple' to register the platform device. Is  
> this understanding correct?

What kernel version are you using?  The of_platform bus doesn't exist  
anymore.  The current way is to use a normal platform driver, and  
supply an "of_match_table" in the driver struct.


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