[PATCH] eSDHC: Access Freescale eSDHC registers by 32-bit

Wolfram Sang w.sang at pengutronix.de
Fri Sep 9 23:08:55 EST 2011

> Previously, I sent this patch together  with another one. But
> technically they are separated patches.  I got some comments from
> Anton about the patch. I will try to address the comment. but for this
> one, it is a stand along patch. I'd like to push it first.


> I do not see any comment about byte swapping about this patch.
> you may have mis-understanding here.

I was misguided, yes, sorry. BE/LE issues with additional byteswapping
are a mind twister :/ Having a second look, it looks okay to me. One
could think about putting this into sdhci_platform as well, but this can
be done later if needed. Sadly, I currently don't have hardware to test



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