[PATCH 02/14] dwc/otg: Structure declaration for shared data

Tirumala Marri tmarri at apm.com
Sat Sep 3 02:37:54 EST 2011

<I will send you those patches.
<But, how to go about it? Will you send next revision of your patces
<soon, and
<will also include comments for current review?
<I replly all the comments from community and get agreed about
<modifications first.
<Then I will release next revision with all these modifications and get
<it included. Once these patches are
<included then we can keep on sending further patches over those
<included. This will shorten review time
<and will be easier for inclusion.

[Tirumala Marri] We did 13 submission before and not expecting acceptance
any time soon. Let us see what we can include
>From your changes.


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