[PATCH 00/10] powerpc/mpic: General cleanup patch series

Kyle Moffett Kyle.D.Moffett at boeing.com
Wed Nov 30 05:58:27 EST 2011


As BenH requested, this is the version-2 repost of the PowerPC MPIC
cleanup patch series.

All of the review comments have been addressed, and I have performed
build and boot testing on our HWW-1U-1A hardware with these patches
applied (plus a few independent board-support patches).

Unfortunately, this has a potentially very broad impact across a wide
variety of hardware that I don't have the ability to test with, so
any additional testing will be highly appreciated.  Ben has indicated
that he plans to put it into his testing tree soon, so hopefully any
such issues will get ironed out quickly.

Kyle Moffett

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