mtu issue with gianfar driver

Kumar Reddy Suresh-B22303 B22303 at
Mon Jul 25 21:47:33 EST 2011

Hi All,

A problem was observed in gianfar driver when the interface MTU was modified to a small value.

FYI Kernel Version : 2.6.32 on PPC.

Like if we change the interface mtu to say 100, ping traffic with size greater than 450 is failing.
It was observed that packets ( ping requests) going out of that interface are getting properly fragmented, but the return packets ( ping replies ) are getting dropped by the interface.

To fix this issue the function gfar_change_mtu() in gianfar.c was modified as below:

rx_buffer_size is restored to DEFAULT_RX_BUFFER_SIZE as indicated in RED in the code snippet below

------------------------- CODE SNIPPET BEGIN ----------------------------------
                tempsize =
                    (frame_size & ~(INCREMENTAL_BUFFER_SIZE - 1)) +

        if (tempsize < DEFAULT_RX_BUFFER_SIZE )
           tempsize = DEFAULT_RX_BUFFER_SIZE;

                /* Only stop and start the controller if it isn't already
                * stopped, and we changed something */
                if ((oldsize != tempsize) && (dev->flags & IFF_UP))

                priv->rx_buffer_size = tempsize;

                dev->mtu = new_mtu;
------------------------- CODE SNIPPET END----------------------------------

If this fix OK? What is the impact of this change on overall behavior?

Best Regards,
- Suresh

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