[PATCH 2/5] hugetlb: add phys addr to struct huge_bootmem_page

Tabi Timur-B04825 B04825 at freescale.com
Mon Jul 25 02:48:13 EST 2011

On Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 1:50 PM, Becky Bruce <beckyb at kernel.crashing.org> wrote:

> Because there was no bootmem allocation in the normal case - the non-highmem
> version stores data structure in the huge page itself.  This is perfectly fine as long
> as you have a mapping.  Since this isn't true for HIGHMEM pages, I allocate
> bootmem to store the early data structure that stores information about the
> hugepage (this happens in arch-specific code in alloc_bootmem_huge_page).

I would put this text in a comment in the code.

Timur Tabi
Linux kernel developer at Freescale

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