[RFC/PATCH] mm/futex: Fix futex writes on archs with SW trackingof dirty & young

David Laight David.Laight at ACULAB.COM
Tue Jul 19 18:26:35 EST 2011

> Got it, if the fault_in_user_writeable() is designed to catch the
> exact same write permission fault problem we discuss here, so
> your patch fixed that very nicely, we should fixup it by directly
> calling handle_mm_fault like what you did because we are for sure
> to know what just happened(permission violation), its not necessary
> to check what's happened by calling gup-->follow_page, and
> further the follow_page failed to report the fault :-)

One thought I've had - and I don't know enough about the data
area in use to know if it is a problem - is what happens if
a different cpu faults on the same user page and has already
marked it 'valid' between the fault happening and the fault
handler looking at the page tables to find out why.
If any of the memory areas are shared, it might be that the
PTE (etc) might already show the page a writable by the
time the fault handler is looking at them - this might confuse it!


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