[v3 PATCH 1/1] booke/kprobe: make program exception to use one dedicated exception stack

tiejun.chen tiejun.chen at windriver.com
Fri Jul 15 15:28:15 EST 2011

Kumar Gala wrote:
> On Jul 11, 2011, at 6:31 AM, Tiejun Chen wrote:
>> When kprobe these operations such as store-and-update-word for SP(r1),
>> stwu r1, -A(r1)
>> The program exception is triggered, and PPC always allocate an exception frame
>> as shown as the follows:
>> old r1 ----------
>>         ...
>>         nip
>>         gpr[2] ~ gpr[31]
>>         gpr[1] <--------- old r1 is stored.
>>         gpr[0]
>>       -------- <--------- pr_regs @offset 16 bytes
>>       padding
>>       LR
>>       back chain
>> new r1 ----------
>> Then emulate_step() will emulate this instruction, 'stwu'. Actually its
>> equivalent to:
>> 1> Update pr_regs->gpr[1] = mem[old r1 + (-A)]
>> 2> stw [old r1], mem[old r1 + (-A)]
>> Please notice the stack based on new r1 may be covered with mem[old r1
>> +(-A)] when addr[old r1 + (-A)] < addr[old r1 + sizeof(an exception frame0].
>> So the above 2# operation will overwirte something to break this exception
>> frame then unexpected kernel problem will be issued.
>> So looks we have to implement independed interrupt stack for PPC program
>> exception when CONFIG_BOOKE is enabled. Here we can use
>> for program exception if CONFIG_BOOKE. Then its always safe for kprobe
>> with independed exc stack from one pre-allocated and dedicated thread_info.
>> Actually this is just waht we did for critical/machine check exceptions
>> on PPC.
>> Signed-off-by: Tiejun Chen <tiejun.chen at windriver.com>
>> ---
> I'm still very confused why we need a unique stack frame for kprobe/program exceptions on book-e devices.

Its a bug at least for Book-E. And if you'd like to check another topic thread,
"[BUG?]3.0-rc4+ftrace+kprobe: set kprobe at instruction 'stwu' lead to system
crash/freeze", you can know this story completely :)

This bug should not be reproduced on PPC64 with the exception prolog/endlog
dedicated to PPC64. But I have no enough time to check other PPC32 & !BOOKE so
I'm not sure if we should extend this modification.

> Can you explain this further.

I can show one of those issued examples.

Here we kprobe the entry point of show_interrupts().

(gdb) disassemble show_interrupts
Dump of assembler code for function show_interrupts:
   0xc0004ff4 <+0>:	stwu    r1,-48(r1)
   0xc0004ff8 <+4>:	mflr    r0

I add some printk() inside pre_handler() to show pt_regs->gpr[1] and pt_regs->nip.
Planted kprobe at c0004ff4
pre_handler: p->addr = 0xc0004ff4, nip = 0xc0004ff4, msr = 0x29000
gpr[1] = de767e50.
nip = c0004ff4.

When hit this instruction, emulate_step() would emulate this instruction as follows:
#1> current pr_regs->gpr[1] = 0xde767e50 - 48 = 0xde767e20;
#2> stw (previous pr_regs->gpr[1]), @(current pr_regs->gpr[1])
	==> stw (0xde767e50), 0xde767e20

But after this kprobe process something would be rewrite incorrectly:
post_handler: p->addr = 0xc0004ff4, msr = 0x29000
gpr[1] = de767e20.
nip = de767e54.
	If everything is good nip should equal to (0xc0004ff4 + 0x4). But looks its
reset with (0xde767e50 + 0x4) via the above #2 operation. So why?

As I understand kprobe use 'trap' to enter the program exception. At now PR = 0
so the kernel allocate an exception frame as normal.

        ---------------- old r1[0xde767e50]
	 1  pt_regs->result
	 2  pt_regs->dsisr
	 3  pt_regs->dar
	 4  pt_regs->trap
	 5  pt_regs->mq
	 6  pt_regs->ccr
	 7  pt_regs->xer
	 8  pt_regs->link
	 9  pt_regs->ctr
	 10 pt_regs->orig_gpr3
	 11 pt_regs->msr
         12 pt_regs->nip  <-- @ 0xde767e50 - 12 x 4 = 0xde767e20
	----------------- new r1[0xde767e50 - INT_FRAME_SIZE]

I think you can understand why pt_regs->nip is broken :) So the root cause is an
exception frame and the kprobed function stack frame are always overlap. And
then someone member inside an exception frame may be corrupted by that emulated
stw operation.

So I think we have to use one unique stack frame to avoid this when enable
CONFIG_KPROBES. Especially for Book-E we can refer easily machine
check/critical/debug exception implementation to do this like my patch.


> - k

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