problem receiving udp broadcasts

Pieter phenning at
Wed Jul 13 18:03:11 EST 2011

Hi All

Im running Linux on an embedded  MPC4858.
One of the Application (CLI) must reciece a UDP broadcast packet.

The problem is that I only receive packets broadcast from within the 
same subnet  (192.168.0.x)  even though the broadcast app sends the 
broadcast to

when i run tcpdump on the embedded machine it shows both broadcasts from 
the same subnet well as different subsets: as shown below:

     SDH-0A000221> /tmp/tcpdump port 23 or port 33334
     tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol 
     listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 
(1)    07:48:35.787826 IP > UDP, 
length 58
(2)   07:48:43.832539 IP > UDP, 
length 60
(3)    07:48:43.840627 IP > UDP, 
length 112

The embedded machine is configured with:

(1) is a broadcast from a different subnet
(2) is broadcast from within same subnet
(3) the imbeded applications reply to the broadcast from same subnet

The service has been delared in  "etc/xinetd.d/cli" as follows:
service cli
     socket_type        = dgram
     protocol        = udp
     port            = 23
     wait            = yes
     user            = root
     server            = /usr/vastech/in.cli
     disable            = no
     cps                = 10 5
     flags            = IPv4

and the port assigned in "/etc/xinetd.d/services" as follows (port 23 
for back comparability with older products)

     #telnet        23/udp
     cli                23/udp
     cli                33334/udp

Is there something basic that I have overlooked ? should the interface 
be set and left in
promiscuous mode to do what I require?

thanks pieter

021 880 9807

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