[PATCH 4/4] powerpc: Enable lockup and hung task detectors in pseriesand ppc64 defeconfigs

David Laight David.Laight at ACULAB.COM
Thu Jul 7 17:46:30 EST 2011

> As a result of changes to Kconfig files, we no longer enable
> the lockup and hung task detectors. Both are very light weight
> and provide useful information in the event of a hang, so
> reenable them.

Is one of thise responsible for generating a kernel stack traceback
when a process has been sleeping uninterruptably for a 'long' time?

We have a kernel subsystem that has several 'worker' threads,
these always sleep uninterruptable (they are shut down by explicit
request) and, at times, can be idle for long periods.

Perhaps it should be possible to disable the check either on
a per-process of per sleep basis?


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