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Dear bourkeb idir,

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> i'm trying to port linux in a tqm8260 fresscale card with an mpc8260
> cpu .i've already ported u-boot and it seems working but now i'm
> trying to cross compile a linux kernel 2.4.4 (which have a config
> file for tqm8260) and i always get trouble when i try to make a
> zImage . can anyone help me ,please?

This statement makes little sense to me.

First, the TQM8260 is not a Freescare card.  The manufacturer is (or
rather was) TQ Systems.

Second, I wonder why you would spend any efforts into such a system -
the product was EOLed a long time ago.

Third, when the product was still alive, it was pretty well supported
by U-Boot and Linux.  U-Boot sopport for it is still available in
mainline.  Linux support was available in our linuxppc_2_4_devel tree
up to and including Linux version 2.4.25.  So using 2.4.4 as a
starting point for such a work is even more incomprehensible to me.

If you really have a TQM8260 board, then just use the mainline U-Boot
code (current release, i. e. v20100.06) and the old 2.4.25 based
source tree mentioned above.

But be warned: this is ancient hardware, and so is the kernel code.
There is no guarantee it will even compile using recent tool chains.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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