[PATCH] Globally s/struct irq_host/struct irq_domain/

Jon Loeliger jdl at jdl.com
Sat Jan 22 04:19:10 EST 2011

> For this to make sense, it really needs to also rename irq_host_ops
> structure, the IRQ_HOST_MAP* #defines, and the irq_*_host functions.
> It also /should/ adjust the users of irq_domain to rename function
> local variables and structure members.  Otherwise there will be an
> even worse mismatch in naming.

Happy to do so, but last time we talked about this, we decided
not to do *that* aspect of the rename with this patch, and that
we'd get to it later with follow on patches once this step was done.

Your call; just let me know.


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