[PATCH] define binding for fsl mpic interrupt controllers

Yoder Stuart-B08248 B08248 at freescale.com
Wed Jan 19 06:47:25 EST 2011

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> Subject: Re: [PATCH] define binding for fsl mpic interrupt controllers
> Hi Stuart,
> > From: Stuart Yoder<stuart.yoder at freescale.com>
> >
> > define the binding for compatible = "fsl,mpic", including the
> > definition of 4-cell interrupt specifiers.  The 3rd and 4th cells are
> > needed to define additional types of interrupt source outside the
> > "normal"
> > external and internal interrupts in FSL SoCs.  Define error interrupt,
> > IPIs, and PIC timer sources.
> Recently I posted an RFC concerning a binding for the MPIC [1].  I also
> submitted a patch based on that feedback today (patch subject '[PATCH 1/2]
> powerpc: document the MPIC device tree binding').  You provide much more
> information concerning the interrupt sources and how interrupt specifiers
> are encoded.  I had a few more properties listed: 'name', 'device_type',
> 'protected-sources', and 'no-reset'.  The 'no-reset'
> property is a proposed addition to the binding, the others are already in
> use.

I'm not sure a complete merge into one binding makes sense.  The thing that
motivated creating this new binding with 4 cells was a thread from
last year.  See:


Since Freescale had the need to represent additional information
in interrupt specifiers (error ints, timers, ipis), the suggestion
at the end was to add additional cells in a FSL-specific binding.
So this really is a Freescale specific thing and does belong in the
Freescale binding directory.

That being said, if there is consensus on the AMP related properties,
I should probably incorporate those as well-- protected-sources
and no-reset.

I'll separately comment on your mpic binding patch.


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