Problem with Busybox shell

MohanReddy koppula mohanreddykv at
Tue Jan 18 23:54:42 EST 2011

Hi All,

I am working on an MPC885 based custom board. I am able to boot up the
linux (linux- I could see busybox shell (ash) prompt. But it
is not accepting any inputs, I am not able to enter any command, it
just hangs there. I am using ttyCPM0 terminal.

I suspected if there was any problem in CPM driver interrupts
generation and put some printk's in the interrupt handler and could
see interrupts are raised and data is read, but shell is not taking
the input.

I wrote an init.c and opened the ttyCPM0 and tried to read from it,
but couldn't. I am able to write to ttyCPM0 and see it on the host

Please some one help me.

thanks in advance for your help.


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