[PATCH 00/13] powerpc: Backport 8xx TLB to 2.4

Willy Tarreau w at 1wt.eu
Wed Jan 12 07:08:53 EST 2011

On Tue, Jan 11, 2011 at 09:12:44AM +0100, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
> Willy Tarreau <w at 1wt.eu> wrote on 2011/01/11 07:09:26:
> >
> > Hi Joakim,
> >
> > On Mon, Jan 10, 2011 at 10:37:46PM +0100, Joakim Tjernlund wrote:
> > > This is a backport from 2.6 which I did to overcome 8xx CPU
> > > bugs. 8xx does not update the DAR register when taking a TLB
> > > error caused by dcbX and icbi insns which makes it very
> > > tricky to use these insns. Also the dcbst wrongly sets the
> > > the store bit when faulting into DTLB error.
> > > A few more bugs very found during development.
> > >
> > > I know 2.4 is in strict maintenance mode and 8xx is obsolete
> > > but as it is still in use I wanted 8xx to age with grace.
> >
> > Thank you very much for taking care of this, that's very much appreciated.
> > I'll look at this ASAP. Just a quick question in order to be certain, did
> > you have the opportunity to test all of these changes on real hardware ?
> I tested these on real 8xx HW but I used an older 2.4 linux as we haven't
> moved forward on 2.4 for quite some time.
> The affected files were almost identical though.

OK thank you for this precision. If you remember what version it was, we can
also diff it against mainline and see if we spot any relevant changes that
we need to take care of.

> Would be great if Scott could give them a spin on 8xx with current 2.4.

Indeed, that would be great. My goal really is that 2.4 users can upgrade
without wondering about any risk of regression. I appreciate a lot your
fixes, they mean some people might see that some issues have suddenly
disappeared. But it's important to stay on the non-reg side as much as


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