RapidIO: question about rionet probe call

Thomas Taranowski tom at baringforge.com
Thu Jan 6 19:26:59 EST 2011

I'm doing some work to support multiple mport architectures, and have
run into an issue where the rionet_probe() function isn't being
called, so my rionet net device never get's created.  I've also
verified that the rio_device_probe() isn't being called either.

The low level rio bus driver initializes and probes correctly, and
creates the required entries in sysfs.  Then, later, I see the
rionet_init get called and return success, indicating it registered
with the rapidio bus correctly, so everything looks good.

I see the following output (extra debug prints added) , indicating the
rionet driver is being added, but it never gets probed afterward.
~~~ rio_register_driver ~~~
bus: 'rapidio': add driver rionet
initializing klist
init and added kobj, err=0
driver_create_file err=0
driver added attrs, err=0
returning 0
RIO: rionet_init rio_register_driver: rc=0

Any ideas on why rionet isn't being probed?  Is rionet currently working?
I'm running a 2.6.36-rc8 baseline.

Thomas Taranowski

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