mpc880 linux-2.6.32 slow running processes

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Thu Jan 6 06:13:28 EST 2011


On 01/05/2011 07:43 PM, Rafael Beims wrote:
> Wow! That was fast!
> I applied the patch and it worked very well. Now I can use the commands
> normally.
> I will be doing more tests in the next days, but it seems that my problem is
> solved.
> Is this patch already mainstream in newer kernel versions?
Not yet, because I was moved to another project

Michael Trimarchi
> Thanks again,
> Rafael Beims
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> On Wed, Jan 5, 2011 at 4:23 PM, michael<michael at>  wrote:
>>   Hi
>> On 01/05/2011 07:09 PM, Rafael Beims wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I'm working with an MPC880 board that is supposed to run linux-2.6.32. After
>> some work, I could get the kernel up and running, mounting a rootfs via
>> NFS.
>> The problem that I'm facing now is that when I try to run any process (may
>> be an ls, cat, or whatever), the response of the process is *very* slow
>> (something like 10 to 20 seconds for a ls).
>> Monitoring the network packets, I can see that the nfs protocol is exchanged
>> just fine, but at some time it simply stops, starting again with a request
>> from the board several seconds later.
>> I'm thinking that the processor is running (something, I don't know what)
>> for all this time before I can see requests coming from the board again. I
>> pinged the board from the PC and during all this I can see the packets being
>> answered.
>>   Can you try this patch?
>>   My question to all is, did anyone see something like this already? Besides
>> that, what is the status of the linux kernel support for the 8xx platform?
>> Is it being actively tested / used today? I ask this because it seems that
>> all the information on the internet very aged (forum discussions from 2005
>> and below mostly).
>> Is there something that I can do to try to narrow the cause of the problem?
>> Anyway, any help would be truly appreciated. Please excuse me if this is not
>> the right place to ask this too.
>> Thanks and best regards,
>> Rafael Beimsrbeims at
>> (41) 8873-7565
>> "What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. And what I do, I
>> understand."
>> - Chinese Proverb
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