mpc880 linux-2.6.32 slow running processes

Rafael Beims rbeims at
Thu Jan 6 05:09:06 EST 2011

Hello all,
I'm working with an MPC880 board that is supposed to run linux-2.6.32. After
some work, I could get the kernel up and running, mounting a rootfs via
The problem that I'm facing now is that when I try to run any process (may
be an ls, cat, or whatever), the response of the process is *very* slow
(something like 10 to 20 seconds for a ls).
Monitoring the network packets, I can see that the nfs protocol is exchanged
just fine, but at some time it simply stops, starting again with a request
from the board several seconds later.
I'm thinking that the processor is running (something, I don't know what)
for all this time before I can see requests coming from the board again. I
pinged the board from the PC and during all this I can see the packets being

My question to all is, did anyone see something like this already? Besides
that, what is the status of the linux kernel support for the 8xx platform?
Is it being actively tested / used today? I ask this because it seems that
all the information on the internet very aged (forum discussions from 2005
and below mostly).

Is there something that I can do to try to narrow the cause of the problem?

Anyway, any help would be truly appreciated. Please excuse me if this is not
the right place to ask this too.

Thanks and best regards,
Rafael Beims
rbeims at
(41) 8873-7565
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