Question about combining a PCI driver with an OF driver

Bruce_Leonard at Bruce_Leonard at
Wed Jan 5 09:03:51 EST 2011

> > Okay, I get that and it makes sense with what I know so far about how 
> > kernel device model works (which I'm still learning).  So how would I 
> > manually add a device?  Say I create the PCI wrapper driver that 
> > the clone-TSEC, is there a "register device" type call similar to 
> > pci_register_driver() that I could put in the wrapper code that causes 
> > gfar_probe() to be called?
> Create an OF node (probably under the root node) programatically with
> all the information the gianfar driver will want, based on what you
> detect on PCI, and call of_platform_device_create().

Ah, the light bulb clicks on!  Thanks for the info.  I appreciate it.


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