Question about combining a PCI driver with an OF driver

Bruce_Leonard at Bruce_Leonard at
Wed Jan 5 08:00:07 EST 2011


Thanks for the feedback.

> Making a faithful clone of any reasonably complex device strikes me as
> more work than writing a new ethernet driver.
> The last thing you want to end up doing is...
> >  And for speed sake it would go on the PCI bus. 
> > (So much for letting HW make decisions regarding SW :)   )
> ...hacking up the existing driver to deal with the quirks of the clone,
> and having to maintain those hacks. :-)

True, but we really didn't want to recreate all the infrastructure that 
the gianfar driver has in it we wanted to just use it.  Maybe what I 
should do is just take the guts of the gianfar driver and make a pure PCI 
driver out of it. 
> It shouldn't matter -- the way buses work in Linux, you should be able
> to add a platform device at any time, and the driver will receive a
> probe() callback.  The driver never actively searches for devices to
> claim.

Okay, I get that and it makes sense with what I know so far about how the 
kernel device model works (which I'm still learning).  So how would I 
manually add a device?  Say I create the PCI wrapper driver that claims 
the clone-TSEC, is there a "register device" type call similar to 
pci_register_driver() that I could put in the wrapper code that causes the 
gfar_probe() to be called?


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