fsl_udc_core not initializing properly?

Matthew L. Creech mlcreech at gmail.com
Sat Feb 19 09:03:12 EST 2011


I'm upgrading from 2.6.36 to 2.6.37 on a MPC8313 ERDB-like board.  On
the new kernel, it seems like the USB gadget driver (fsl_usb2_udc) is
never initialized, so USB no longer works.

Adding some printks to the code shows that udc_init() is being run,
which calls platform_driver_probe().  However, fsl_udc_probe() is
never actually called afterward.  As a result, 'udc_controller' is
left NULL, and the subsequent call to usb_gadget_probe_driver()
returns -ENODEV.

I'm not familiar with the USB driver model, and tracing backward
through the call chains didn't reveal much, so I was hoping someone
here would have a better idea what could've changed between 2.6.36 and
2.6.37 that broke fsl_udc_core/fsl_usb2_udc.  Thanks!

Matthew L. Creech

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