[PATCH] Add support for PowerMac3,5 in snd-aoa ALSA sound module

Linux User #330250 linuxuser330250 at gmx.net
Fri Feb 18 07:17:24 EST 2011


About two years ago Johannes Berg wrote support for the PowerMac3,6 aka G4 MDD 
which I was using as a desktop computer then. Johannes wrote all the code, and 
I tested it.

I now have a PowerMac3,5 – yes, an earlier model.

This patch makes the snd-aoa ALSA sound module support the TAS3001C codec of 
my Apple Power Mac G4 "Quicksilver" (2001 model). I suppose it will also work 
for the "Quicksilver 2002", since both identify as PowerMac3,5.

The patch also changes a few comments to name the exact Power Mac model more 
accurately in sound/aoa/fabrics/layout.c.

This is my first contribution to the linux kernel ever, so I hope you will be 
kind to me. I am not a programmer, but adding already supported devices was a 
task even I could accomplish.

Andreas  aka  Linux User #330250

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