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On 02/16/2011 01:24 PM, Scott Wood wrote:
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> Meador Inge<meador_inge at>  wrote:
>> Hi Kumar,
>> Quick question about the support for booting at a non-zero base address
>> (as committed here:
>>    Is booting from a non-zero address as simple as changing
>> "CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START" (assuming it meets the alignment constraints, of
>> course)?
> Another option is to turn on CONFIG_RELOCATABLE.  Note that you'll still
> have the same alignment constraints; it doesn't generate a truly relocatable
> binary (the effective addresses are fixed).  But you don't have to specify
> the physical address at compile-time.  This allows you to use the same
> kernel image for multiple AMP partitions.
>> For example, I want to boot from a non-zero address on the P1022DS.  I
>> should just be able to change "CONFIG_PHYSICAL_START" to, say,
>> 0x08000000, and it should work, right?  Any other bits that need to be
>> done (i.e. U-Boot or device tree magic)?
> You'll want the memory node adjusted for your restricted address range
> (I'm assuming that this is why you want to start at non-zero, and that
> you're not trying to have the kernel be located in the middle of its
> partition).
> There are some special u-boot variables (bootm_low/bootm_size) that govern
> placement of the kernel, fdt, etc.

Thanks Scott.  I should have looked in the u-boot docs.  There are very 
clear instructions on how to setup an AMP environment in 

> -Scott

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