[PATCH V8 03/10] USB/ppc4xx: Add Synopsys DWC OTG Core InterfaceLayer

David Laight David.Laight at ACULAB.COM
Mon Feb 14 19:53:21 EST 2011

> > Sorry, I don't understand that. I think u32 is always 32bit 
> > 4byte on all archs. Right?
> Yes.
> Use an unsigned long if you want to hold a pointer correctly on all
> arches.

Although that is true for many systems (and probably all ppc Linux)
it isn't necessarily true (eg 64 bit Microsoft Windows).
C99 inttypes.h should define uintptr_t as an unsigned integer
type that is large enough to hold a (data) pointer.
I'm not sure if this is defined for the Linux kernel.


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