arch/powerpc/kernel/cacheinfo.c: Possible null pointer dereference

David Binderman dcb314 at
Sat Feb 12 21:08:36 EST 2011

Hello there,

I just tried out cppcheck-1.47 on the linux-2.6.38-rc4 source code.

It said

[arch/powerpc/kernel/cacheinfo.c:380]: (error) Possible null pointer dereference: cache - otherwise it is redundant to check if cache is null at line 382

The source code is

    WARN_ONCE(cache && cache->level != level,
          "cache level mismatch on lookup (got %d, expected %d)\n",
          cache->level, level);

    if (!cache)

I agree with cppcheck. Suggest code rework.


David Binderman

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