[PATCH v3 0/4] powerpc: Open PIC binding and "pic-no-reset"

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>>>> This patch set provides a binding for Open PIC and implements support
>>>> for a new property, specified by that binding, called "pic-no-reset".
>>>> With "pic-no-reset" in place the "protected-sources" property is no
>>>> longer needed and its full implementation was removed.
>>>> "protected-sources" is still checked for, however, for legacy
>>>> purposes.
>>>> For v3 of this patch the Open PIC binding was changed to be more
>>>> consistent with existing bindings, several DTS files were cleaned up,
>>>> "no-reset" was changed to "pic-no-reset", and a check to treat
>>>> "protected-sources" as a synonym for "pic-no-reset" was added.
>>  From the feedback I have received so far, the fundamental ideas in this
>> patch set are sane.  However, the following issues still need agreement:
>>      1. What should be the name of the no reset property?
>>         "pic-no-reset" or "no-reset"?
>>      2. Should we just keep the existing protected sources implementation
>>         in place?
>> For (1), I prefer "no-reset".
> I also prefer plain "no-reset".  The property is on a pic node so
> "pic" on the property seems redundant.
>> For (2), I still think that we can make "no-
>> reset" a synonym for "protected-sources" and that things will work out.
>> Ben, you said that you would really like to leave the protected sources
>> implementation alone.  Is the mechanism implemented in "PATCH
>> v3 3/4" [1] of having "protected-sources" as a synonym for "pic-no-reset"
>> not suitable?
> I thought what Ben was getting at was that there is existing
> firmware that may provide a device tree with protected-sources,
> and thus we should continue supporting it for backwards
> compatibility.

Yup, Arnd pointed that out as well.  That is why in "PATCH v3 3/4" I 
added a check for "protected-sources".  If it is found, then it is 
treated exactly the same way as "no-reset", which should give equivalent 

For example, say we have 100 sources and the sources [1, 50] are the 
only ones actually mentioned in the device tree.  Also assume we set 
"protected-sources = <51 52 53>".

Then, with the protected sources model sources [1, 50] and [54, 100] 
would have there VECPRI/cpu binding initialization.  Where as in the 
enhanced "no-reset" model, only sources [1, 50] would have the 
initialization done.

So unless there is some problem with not initializing the remaining 
sources, e.g. sources [51, 100] in the previous example, then the 
expanded "no-reset" should offer equivalent behavior to "protected-sources".

> So, I would say add "no-reset" as the preferred mechanism
> going forward, but keep "protected-sources" for backwards
> compatibility.
> Stuart
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