[PATCH v3 0/4] powerpc: Open PIC binding and "pic-no-reset"

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>> Subject: [PATCH v3 0/4] powerpc: Open PIC binding and "pic-no-reset"
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>> This patch set provides a binding for Open PIC and implements support for
>> a new property, specified by that binding, called "pic-no-reset".  With
>> "pic-no-reset" in place the "protected-sources" property is no longer needed
>> and its full implementation was removed.  "protected-sources" is still
>> checked
>> for, however, for legacy purposes.
>> For v3 of this patch the Open PIC binding was changed to be more consistent
>> with existing bindings, several DTS files were cleaned up, "no-reset" was
>> changed to "pic-no-reset", and a check to treat "protected-sources" as a
>> synonym for "pic-no-reset" was added.

>From the feedback I have received so far, the fundamental ideas in
this patch set are sane.  However, the following issues
still need agreement:

    1. What should be the name of the no reset property?
       "pic-no-reset" or "no-reset"?
    2. Should we just keep the existing protected sources implementation
       in place?

For (1), I prefer "no-reset".  For (2), I still think that we can make
"no-reset" a synonym for "protected-sources" and that things will work

Ben, you said that you would really like to leave the protected
sources implementation alone.  Is the mechanism implemented in "PATCH
v3 3/4" [1] of having "protected-sources" as a synonym for
"pic-no-reset" not suitable?

[1] http://lists.ozlabs.org/pipermail/linuxppc-dev/2011-February/088262.html

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