[PATCH 21/23] hvc_console: Fix race between hvc_close and hvc_remove

Willy Tarreau w at 1wt.eu
Tue Feb 8 09:11:06 EST 2011

Hi Anton,

On Tue, Feb 08, 2011 at 08:16:00AM +1100, Anton Blanchard wrote:
> Hi,
> > From: Amit Shah <amit.shah at redhat.com>
> > 
> > commit e74d098c66543d0731de62eb747ccd5b636a6f4c upstream.
> > 
> > Alan pointed out a race in the code where hvc_remove is invoked. The
> > recent virtio_console work is the first user of hvc_remove().
> I faintly remember this bug caused boot issues and the following patch
> must be applied to fix it.

The patch you pointed was indeed merged just after this one so we should
be OK. Thanks very much for the double check !


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