[PATCH 04/15] powerpc: Define CPU feature for Architected 2.06 HV mode

Michael Neuling mikey at neuling.org
Tue Apr 5 16:30:41 EST 2011

In message <1301984051-18413-5-git-send-email-benh at kernel.crashing.org> you wrote:
> This bit indicates that we are operating in hypervisor mode on a CPU
> compliant to architecture 2.06 or later (currently server only).
> We set it on POWER7 and have a boot-time CPU setup function that
> clears it if MSR:HV isn't set (booting under a hypervisor).


> +#define CPU_FTR_HVMODE_206		LONG_ASM_CONST(0x0000000800000000)

FYI With this patch we could remove MMU_FTR_TLBIE_206.


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