[PATCH v11 03/10] USB/ppc4xx: Add Synopsys DWC OTG Core Interface Layer (CIL)

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Apr 2 07:00:38 EST 2011

Dear tmarri at apm.com,

In message <1301684711-17386-1-git-send-email-tmarri at apm.com> you wrote:
> From: Tirumala Marri <tmarri at apm.com>
> Core Interface Layer Common provides common functions for both host
> controller and peripheral controller.  CIL manages the memory map
> for the core. It also handles basic tasks like reading/writing the
> registers and data FIFOs in the controller. CIL performs basic
> services that are not specific to either the host or device modes
> of operation. These services include management of the OTG Host
> Negotiation Protocol (HNP) and Session Request Protocol (SRP).
> ---

Signed-off-by: line missing.

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