[PATCH v3 0/7] refactor spi_mpc8xxx.c and add eSPI controller support

Mingkai Hu Mingkai.hu at freescale.com
Thu Sep 30 18:00:39 EST 2010

This patchset refactor the file spi_mpc8xxx.c to abstract some common 
code as a lib used by the SPI/eSPI controller driver, move the SPI 
controller driver code to spi_fsl_spi.c, and add the eSPI controller 
support with spi_fsl_espi.c.

Tested on P4080DS and MPC8536DS board based on latest Linux tree.

v3 main changes:
 - Update to the latest kernel base.
 - Change the file spi_mpc8xxx.c to spi_fsl_fsl.c verbatim.
 - Add the SPI flash partition code to the m25p80 probe function.
 - Add a quirks for SPI master to handle the contrains of the controller.

[PATCH v3 1/7] spi/mpc8xxx: rename spi_mpc8xxx.c to spi_fsl_spi.c
[PATCH v3 2/7] spi/mpc8xxx: refactor the common code for SPI/eSPI controller
[PATCH v3 3/7] eSPI: add eSPI controller support
[PATCH v3 4/7] powerpc/of: add eSPI controller dts bindings and DTS modification
[PATCH v3 5/7] mtd: m25p80: add support to parse the SPI flash's partitions
[PATCH v3 6/7] mtd: m25p80: add a read function to read page by page
[PATCH v3 7/7] DTS: add fsl,spi-quirk-trans-len-limit property


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