[PATCH (Option 1)] of/i2c: fix module load order issue caused by of_i2c.c

Ben Dooks ben-i2c at fluff.org
Wed Sep 29 09:20:54 EST 2010

On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 04:14:53PM -0600, Grant Likely wrote:
> Commit 959e85f7, "i2c: add OF-style registration and binding" caused a
> module dependency loop where of_i2c.c calls functions in i2c-core, and
> i2c-core calls of_i2c_register_devices() in of_i2c.  This means that
> when i2c support is built as a module when CONFIG_OF is set, then
> neither i2c_core nor of_i2c are able to be loaded.
> This patch fixes the problem by moving the of_i2c_register_devices()
> function into the body of i2c_core and renaming it to
> i2c_scan_of_devices (of_i2c_register_devices is analogous to the
> existing i2c_scan_static_board_info function and so should be named
> similarly).  This function isn't called by any code outside of
> i2c_core, and it must always be present when CONFIG_OF is selected, so
> it makes sense to locate it there.  When CONFIG_OF is not selected,
> of_i2c_register_devices() becomes a no-op.

I sort of go with this one.


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