Oops in trace_hardirqs_on (powerpc)

Jörg Sommer joerg at alea.gnuu.de
Mon Sep 27 22:50:37 EST 2010

Hello Steven,

Steven Rostedt hat am Wed 22. Sep, 15:44 (-0400) geschrieben:
> Sorry for the late reply, but I was on vacation when you sent this, and
> I missed it while going through email.
> Do you still have this issue?

No. I've rebuild my kernel without TRACE_IRQFLAGS and the problem
vanished, as expected. The problem is, that in some cases the stack is
only two frames deep, which causes the macro CALLER_ADDR1 makes an
invalid access. Someone told me, there a workaround for the problem on
i386, too.

% sed -n 2p arch/x86/lib/thunk_32.S
 * Trampoline to trace irqs off. (otherwise CALLER_ADDR1 might crash)

Bye, Jörg.
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